aryz     網站  7:09, Jul 14,2007  修改

Nice girl nice website , lot's fun stuff share here , thank's

回覆Thanks for your praise. It's our pleasure to share and wish you'd enjoy here.

Jasmine   12:40, Jun 29,2007  修改

thanks for sharing songs and proverbs on your site.

Wishing you and your family all the best. Take care after the birth of your second daughter.

回覆It's our pleasure to share useful information!

Thanks for your best wishes. Cherri's sister is doing well. We will soon launch another site for her. Please look out for the link at Cherri's site.

We wish you all you family members happy and healthy!

Dominic Kwok   18:44, Jun 14,2007  修改

你好 ! 本人最近亦準備製作BB網,作為送給未來BB同太太的一份禮物。本人在BabyKingdom 中找到這裡,不看由自可,一看便欲罷不能。只能說一句,太正了。

本人十分佩服你的網頁製作天份同時又有很好的 server side scripting 的知識。從內容看,可以看到很多心血。

不過,SPAM Message 問題似乎越來越嚴重(www.ky-i.com 同這個guestbook),只用人手 delete 是十分吃力,小小溫馨提示 : 可以加入Captcha 的功能,相信以你的能力絕對無問題。

Dominic Kwok

很感謝你的讚賞和提點!我都發覺長此下去也不是辦法,所以我已依你的建議加入了CAPTCHA的功能,希望能有效阻隔abuse message而不影響使用的方便性。



SheertDatPreafmese     ICQICQ  10:29, May 19,2007  修改
Hi Yes, this site is pretty good. G'night
回覆Hi, thanks for glorify. Wish you'd enjoy there.

QEgg   網站  22:28, May 9,2007  修改
呀! 忘了告訴你~
當天我們0701的聚會辦得很成功, 共42個BB參與, 很熱鬧! 待我們網頁開張時, 我也會來誠邀你加入, 下次一起出來玩玩^^
臻臻的成長速度真的比其他BB快了些, 骨仔較硬, 好易抱, 不過雙手好快累~^^


QEgg   網站  22:22, May 9,2007  修改
Dear Kevin,
Hello! I come again^^
上次在公司看這裡, 有好多版因為flash 和 js 被block了看不到, 今次詳細看, 實在吸引萬分~! 內容很豐富^^ 設計亦相當有心思! 從這些地方就知道你是個十分疼愛靖兒的爸爸^^
你php的功力很強, 你正職是不是做網頁設計的呢?
其實我一直都想放臻臻的影片在網內, 發現你這裡的flash程式很讚嘆! 如果可以我希望你可以指教我^^
最後想說的是, 這個網頁很 warm, 很舒服! 祝福靖兒在這個幸福的家庭健康快樂地成長^^
回覆Hi Q Egg, welcome back.
您實在很聰明,我正職的確是做網頁設計。其實我都是在設計這網站時,看我編程的需要,然後在網上找 reference or open sources. 如果問我,我都要重溫一遍才會記得。因為我不是 programmer,平常不會用到呢!所以我並不強,只是為了maintenance方便,就邊做邊學。當然我們可以交流心德,指教就不敢當了。
By the way, 謝謝您的稱讚及祝福! 祝臻臻都一樣健康快樂,快高長大!

QEgg     網站  12:58, May 5,2007  修改
Hello! Webmaster!
It's the best baby web site I seen!
Professional web built and excellent content!
I'm appreciate for you^^
I have a baby web site too, of course not good as yours.
I hope we can make a friend!
I will come and see you again^^
回覆Hi Q Egg,
Thanks for your compliments!
I've visited your site, Ho Chun looks grow very fast. I wish you could have a good new job soon and support QB has a great life. And I hope the 0701baby website can be built-up that under your great contribution, I am looking forward to see the web.
In the last, I wish you had a happy gathering on sunday.

Mickey@Minnie   19:09, Apr 9,2007  修改
還記得我嗎?我是Mickey@Minnie呀!Cherri 是不是越來越頑皮呢! 祝靖兒越來越Happy!

Esther     網站  17:21, Mar 9,2007  修改
Dear Friends,

  I have played almost all the games on your cool website. But just a little problem, some of the games have different language, so I can't understand how to play the game. I love the mario revise game. It was fantastic. This website has lots of wonderful and beautiful colouring pages. Most of the E-cards are very cute. I have sended some of them to my friends.

Thankyou sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    Best Wishes,
                    Esther Ng
回覆Dear Esther,

Thanks for your support to Cherri's web site.

As we select games from all over the world, it is inevitable to have different languages. Most of the time, we don't understand the instructions as well and need to explore and trial several times to figure out (:P).

Anyway, hope you enjoy these different sections. We welcome any suggestions to improve the web sites.

Happy Browsing!

Cherri's mom & dad.

karren     22:53, Feb 22,2007  修改
Dear Cherri's mom,

Hi~  This is Karren Choi. 

I am a twin boys' mom.  Looking through Cherri's website, it is very interesting and I really enjoy it with my twin boys.

Can you help me where I can buy the "Little Fox" child English song DVD or VCD?  Since I find my twin boys like these songs very much but I want to own a DVD/VCD so I can easily show them, your great help would be much appreciated.

My phone number is 97898330 and my e-mail address is karrenchoi@yahoo.com.hk.  Please feel free to contact me.  Thank you.

God Bless~
Karren choi (twin boys' mom)

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