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Siu Heng   Website  ICQICQ  0:15, Apr 30,2005  Edit

Cherri, 你有這樣疼你的爸爸媽媽, 是多麼幸福啊!
願你快快樂樂, 健健康康地成長!



Heko     ICQICQ  MSN  19:36, Apr 25,2005  Edit

Cherri, 你好鬼得意喎! 感覺佢係一個性格演員, 影相cool cool 的, 同偉仔襯晒啦, ^^

記得比鍚到你濃既爸爸媽媽影多些靚相比大家睇呀! ^^

有機會等哥哥探下你啦! 記得做個開心快樂的小朋友! 最重要健健康康呀!!


Heko, 乜你咁睇得起 Cherri 呀?不如你考慮下做佢經理人啦!

我有空必定會替她拍多些照片給大家看,希望她拍照時不要太 Cool 啦!要笑得開心燦爛才有童真嘛!


Fion     10:43, Apr 25,2005  Edit

你地個bb好可愛呀, 我個女細佢14日, 我覺得你 bb四個月d相好(老即), 都唔似四個月, 同埋你 bb d 頭髮長得好好呀, 我個女出生時好多頭髮, 但係依家好少同埋好梳.

I really wish my baby can have so much hair as your baby.


Cherri 出生時已不像初生嬰兒了,樣子很成熟呢!健康院的姑娘還稱她老人精。



Kam     13:56, Apr 18,2005  Edit


I've made to know your website though your friend, Raymond.  Your website is so wonderful and make me feel so warm and full of love.  It is also the only one bb website that I can stay so long.

In fact, I also had a baby girl of 6 months' old.  I hope my daught can visit your website by herself or icq with cherri very soon.


Hi Kam,

Thanks for visiting Cherri's web site. My  husband has been wroking on it for a while ne : ) We welcome any comments from you anytime!

Your girl is 2 months older than Cherri. What's her name? How is she doing? We wish her grow up happily and healthily!

Have you been visiting It's a cool web site where you can get a lot of information related to babies!

Hope you find our web site useful and will come back often!

elaine     17:25, Apr 15,2005  Edit
hello, I'm Elaine, I have a son 5 months.
Your e-songs were so lovely and useful for baby.
Can you tell me where can download these songs.
Since I don't have computer at home, and I want to play them in TV for him.
ReplyHi Elaine,
Since the child songs are in Flash format, they are only able to play in computer. There is no video format for you to play in TV.

Stella   ICQICQ  15:24, Mar 28,2005
hey noel! do you still remember me?? this is stella from 6c and 7c. Congratulations to you!!! I couldn't believe it when i heard from queenie that you got married and you had a baby. Cherrie is VERY cute! And noel, you are a mom now! wow, it's just so wonderful! I wish i could see you and your baby soon. (I am still in the US) You have my icq? it's 59971977. Hope to talk to you soon. Take care and please tell cherrie and kevin i say hi
ReplyIt was nice talking to you on icq. We have not met for a long time ne~ Next time when you come to HK, remember to come visit little Cherri ar

Anna   MSN  22:57, Mar 27,2005
Hi Noel, it's been quite a long time no see. Originally, wanna to visit you during Chinese New Year, but couldn't get Claudia and Emily with me. Raymond ( boyfriend) has sent me this link. Your sweetheart is very cute! What a beautiful doll! Wish she always happy and healthy. Will come to visit you soon! Take care. ^__^
Suen     12:59, Mar 27,2005  Edit
ReplySuen Suen, 好耐無見啦!有機會上來探BB聚聚啦!

Johnny # 5     12:51, Mar 27,2005
She is so cool. Hope we can see more interesting Photos in the coming future..
ReplyYes! So you must keep track my updated news and photos here. Thanks!

Karen 主人   MSN  22:46, Dec 3,2005
小 Pet, Noel... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! 你地個baby好可愛阿!大個一定好靚女唶!我 好想快d返香港探下佢,抱下佢阿!仲有見下我個靚Pet老婆

記住幫佢影多d相,等我上黎睇!God bless your new family!

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