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To Make The Fish Sink And The Goose Fall

During the Spring and Autumn Period, there lived in the state of Yue a beautiful girl named Shi Shr. Everyday, Shi Shr would go to the river with a group of girls to wash yarn. When the fish in the river saw how beautiful Shi Shr was, then forgot to swim and down to the bottom of the water, ashamed. Later, the king of Yue gave Shi Shr to the king of Wu, who made her his constant companion. Because she was so beautiful, the king was unable to concentrate on the affairs of the state, and the state of Wu was soon destroyed.

Wang Jau-jun was another beautiful girl, who lived during the Han dynasty. In order to avoid going to war, the Han emperor sent Wang Jau-jun to the king who wanted to fight him. Wang Jau-jun was on her way to the enemy state, when she was spotted by a goose which was flying overhead. The goose was staring so intently at Wang Jau-jun that it was not watching were it was flying, and fell into a forest.

Today, a girl who is very beautiful can be said to "make the fish sink and the goose fall."

依筆劃 (number of strokes)

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